About Us

Remedy began as a tale of two competitive sisters who went on a journey looking for the best skincare products sold in the market. Much of their dismay, good and affordable products are hard to come by and out of reach for many. After getting their hands and faces dirty in trying on the ‘best’ organic products and ingredients – and like many a start up – the sisters finally saw a potential with a series of ingredients the were producing far superior results than most products sold off-the-shelf.

Their insatiable and competitive need for approval finally gave way when they decided to establish REMEDY as a cure-all for their family and friends’ skin needs in 2014. REMEDY believes that perseverance and purpose are the twin hallmarks of a durable brand. By paying homage to the classic“pay-it-forward” gesture, REMEDY hopes that its products would warm the hearts of many, just because, of its values and benefits.