Castile Soap

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Castile soap is an amazing and versatile plant-based soap that is made 100% free of any animal fat or synthetic ingredients. This liquid soap is made from 100%‚  Olive Oil. Not only is it very environment friendly, it is incredibly usefully cleaning product.‚ 


This unscented and incredibly gentle liquid soap not only cleans well, it helps moisturise as well. One thing to note for Olive oil soaps is that it does not lather well, but it still cleans just as well as any good soaps out there.

This Castile liquid soap is as natural as it can be, it is made using only 3 pure and simple ingredients - Aqua, Olive Oil Castile Soap, Glycerin.‚ 


It's a very versatile cleaning product and can be used for laundry, washing dishes and even general cleaning.




  • Gentle and mild
  • 100% natural pure soap
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin, safe for children and babies)
  • No paraben, SLS, preservatives‚ 



Suitable for

All skin types (adults, children & babies)




Facial Wash, Body Wash



Scent Profile‚ 

floral, herbaceous, slightly woody







Aqua, Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, Potassium hydroxide#, Glycerin (from vegetable)



Suitable for daily use, Dosage - Use as needed

For Face, Body - Dispense into hands, massage onto soaked skin from neck to toe, then rinse thoroughly.

For Laundry‚ - Dispense‚ 50ml for a small load

For General Cleaning‚ -‚ Dilute 1 part soap with 4 parts water for dishes, floors, counters, etc.


Keep in a cool place away from direct light

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Castile Soap
Castile Soap
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