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Probiotic: The secret to younger looking skin with Eternity Serum

We’ve all heard the saying: “it’s never too late to start using anti-aging products”. But the real question is, where do we start and how? With so many options in the market from the quick-fixing botox to ever-so-popular retinoids, there is one natural fix for premature aging that many don’t talk about enough: probiotics.

More popularly known as a digestive aid, you wouldn’t have guessed that good bacteria is also a magic skincare ingredient — especially for mature skin. Other than getting it through food and supplements, direct on-the-skin application of these microorganisms can greatly improve overall skin health. That being said, we can’t rave about the goodness of microbiome without introducing our very own concoction, Re[me]dy’s Eternity Probiotic Serum.

Made from rice plant via a proprietary extraction technique, this serum contains Oryza Sativa, a specially formulated raw ingredient fully imported from the US. The unique double-fermentation process used to create this product retains the biologically active ingredients at a cellular level, allowing the skin to experience the potency and richness of the essential nutrients. All you need is one pump per application, which means a bottle can go a long way!

Unlike typical anti-aging favourites like retinoids, this probiotic serum is not sunlight sensitive and can be used day and night as the perfect base or finisher in your daily skincare routine. However, it’s best to leave it on the skin overnight right before going to bed. Other active ingredients that make this a super serum include vitamin C and E, as well as a generous blend of antioxidants and peptides. When used in tandem, this cocktail of ingredients produces bouncier, brighter and firmer skin. Kinda like a fountain of youth, but in a bottle.

Our customers experience improved skin conditions with just a few weeks of using Eternity Probiotic Serum:

Easily absorbed and filled with skin-loving benefits, the Eternity Probiotic Serum makes a great travel buddy with its pump bottle so you’ll never have to deal with leakages in your carry-on bag. Not to mention how every application will leave you smelling like a spa, thanks to its infusion of essential oils like lavender, thyme, sweet orange and grapefruit.

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