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Our Impact

Natural Products cannot exist without Nature, hence it was never a question for us to protect it.

At Re{me}dy, we’re committed to constantly bettering ourselves to become more sustainable - from the products we sell to our packaging and how we sell.

Re-Fill to Re-Use

We operate the largest personal care re-fillery in Malaysia where we offer products via re-fill packs or they can come by and re-use their bottles to buy re-fills.

This way you save money on the packaging as well as prevent adding another bottle to the environment.


In-store, we practise a packaging free policy where we do not offer any paper / plastic bags.

1. We are working with Penan Bags Europe, an NGO helping Penan ladies in Sarawak. We sell the bags that these native Penan ladies make and offer a 100% buy-back policy

2. We encourage and accept packaging donations which we will offer to customers in-store and use for our e-commerce orders.

Sustainable Packaging

We offer sustainable packaging options for consumers which customers have to pay for.

1. We need for e-commerce deliveries

2. Our primary objective is and always will be to promote the use of natural products, not a Zero-Waste store.

Currently, the packaging we use are :-

Recycled Corrugated Mailer Boxes [only for e-commerce], glass bottles, PET-Alu refill packs, aluminium refill cases, GAEMI wrap

Other Sustainability Projects

Currently Re{me}dy is still run under a company, but once we are able to run sustainably, the founders have all agreed to make it a full Non-Profit business where we will channel the proceeds to drive more sustainability projects.

Here are a few things we want to do:-

Kegerator Project

Getting a Kegerator to offer Kombucha on re-fill - Cost RM10K

To do this, we need to sell 2000 bottles of kombucha this year.

This will enable us to not sell kombucha in bottles and allow customers to come with their flasks, bottles and buy kombucha on demand.

Industrial Shredder

For fillers for e-commerce packages - RM12K

This will enable us to work with ana tomy and The Alphabet Press to convert some of their paper waste into packaging material.

To make this happen we need to generate around RM600-750K of sales for 2021 for us to have enough proceed to get it.

Recycling Drop-off Program

Seeking Volunteers to help

We wish to start a recycling drop-off centre at starting off at our store where people can consciously come in and put their waste into respective recycling bins and our volunteers can weekly help us bring these to a legitimate recycling centre (e.g. IPC) to ensure they get recycled correctly. To volunteer, please email us at