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What we believe

In Re{me}dy, we believe that We Are What We Put In Us. Our bodies absorb the skincare products we put on and the nutrients we eat.

As a product of Nature, our bodies will naturally absorb nutrients from ingredients from Nature BETTER than synthetic ones.

Our purpose is to help bring out the best Natural Products proudly made in Malaysia, to help everyone live a better, healthier life naturally.

Seriously Sustainable.

As Natural Ingredients only exist if Nature exist, sustainability is no longer a mission for us, it is an imperative.

Firstly, natural products are naturally kinder to the environment as its not synthetic and hence easier to breakdown and absorbed back into the Earth.

Everything we do, we question ourselves - 'Is this sustainable?' or 'How can we make this more sustainable?'

This is translated to the brands we work with, the way we sell, our store interior, the packaging we use and even our marketing materials.

Our Purpose

Re{me}dy is a concept store where we stock the best natural product brands from Malaysia.

Our mission is to:

Promote and help Malaysian brands make better natural products.

Help everyone live a better, healthier life with Natural Products.

Encourage brands to make their business more environmentally sustainable.

Educate and encourage Everyone to Re-duce, Re-cycle and Re-use.

Any Questions?

We're here to help.

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