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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your products fully natural?

    We strive to have all the products we carry to be 100% natural, but as we just started, our immediate purpose is to showcase the best products we can find and helping these brands go 100% natural. We believe that within 2 years, we will be able to work with the brands to become 100% natural.

    Our current criteria is that the product must be 90% natural and completely safe, i.e. any man-made ingredients must have clinical tests to ensure they are 100% safe.

    Products that are not 100% natural is clearly indicated in their product description, so please be aware.

  • Where are all the products produced?

    We only carry Malaysian Brands and most of the products are made in Malaysia.

    If we carry any product that is not Made in Malaysia, the Brand must have a compelling reason that convinced us that the product cannot be manufactured in Malaysia, hence has to be made overseas.

    Place of Origin is clearly stated in the product descriptions as well.

  • What is the shelf life of the products?

    This varies with products. Most of the products have a shelf live of 12-18months. This will also be clearly indicated in the product descriptions.

  • How do you ship your products and how long does it take?

    For Malaysia - we work with J&T. Each orders will be processed on the next business day before shipping out.

    West Malaysia - 2-3 Business Days

    East Malaysia - 4-5 Business Days

    For KL Area - We offer Same Day Delivery option which you will have to pay RM26 [Tues - Sat Only]

    For International - we work with FedEx. Each orders will be processed on the next business day before shipping out. It typically takes 10-14 Business Days to reach you.

    Every delivery will come with a tracking code which will be sent to you via email, which you can use to track the parcel's delivery status at any point of time.

    For more information about deliveries, please head to this page.

  • Exchange & Refund

    Skin + Body + Hair Care / Scrubs / Sanitisers / Natural Cleaning Products

    Due to the sensitive nature of the products, all goods sold are not refundable and returnable.

    We do not accept returns for products in these categories due to the hygiene and safety reasons - there are no exceptions to this.

    Diffuser Equipment

    Products of this category are refundable under these conditions -

    * Item must be in its original condition and unused.

    * Refund is initiated within 30 days after delivery.

    Delivery - Exchange / Refund

    Upon acceptance of your Exchange / Refund by a Re{me}dy representative, you can ship the product back to us (you will be responsible for the return shipping cost). We will check the product and if everything checks out well, we will process the refund/exchange within 7 Business Days from the receipt of the product.

  • What will I receive if I sign up to Re{me}dy bulletin?

    Re{me}dy's purpose and focus has always been the education about natural health and environment.

    When you sign up with us, the communiqué you get are -

    i. new product reviews - one of our objectives is to provide an unbiased review of products so that you know its pros and cons. These products include products that we do not carry and why we do not want to carry them.

    ii. health tips - This include content that may be from us or our partners in particular to help us live a healthier life (recipes, exercise program, nutrition facts, etc)

    iii. environmental news + tips - We want to share interesting environmental news as well as recycling, upcycling tips which can be from us or our partners.

    iv. store updates - new products, promotions, events and transparent behind-the-scenes updates to show how we are achieving our purpose.

  • Why do you not have plastic bottles?

    As we want to be as ecologically conscious as possible, we want to ensure we try our very best to offer packaging that is as sustainable as possible to the best of our abilities.

    As much as we want to offer plastic bottles, we are unable to source for suitable 1. Recycled PET bottles 2. Bio-degradable bottles for liquids. We are looking constantly for these options, but we are currently unable to get them. If you know of any, please feel free to drop us an email at and let us know.

  • Why are you using PET-Aluminium pouches for your refills?

    We have been debating this issue for long periods of time internally.

    These PET-Aluminium pouches are 100% recycle-able and are currently the best option we can find and use currently.

    Again, if there is any better option that you can think of, please email us at and let us know.

  • Why do you focus on ONLY stocking Malaysian Brands?

    Our purpose is to help build Malaysian Brands and to help them make better Natural Products. Doing this helps us educate the Brands about the importance of natural ingredients, hence the importance of nature which will make them produce their products more responsibly.

    Products that are made locally in Malaysia have less carbon foot-print as they are more or less produced here. This also helps the society by creating more jobs locally which is a win-win.