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Household Series

Sustainable living and making sure the ingredients used in all of our products are 2 important factors when it comes to our product creation. At Remedy, we use only premium and non-toxic plant derived ingredients for all of our household cleaning series. This series of household cleaners is based on plant derived, biodegradable and mild non-ionic surfactant that is gentle and less irritating to the skin but tough on dirt and grime.This premium APG surfactant ingredient is so gentle that it can even be used in personal care products. The formulas are also derived from sustainable and natural sources such as corn, coconut and palm kernel oils. Therefore, they are readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly and extremely low toxicity. Unlike many green detergents established in the market, our specialty cleaners have ultimate stable cleaning and foaming properties, even in hard water.Large, round and stable bubbles can be expected with our products. Only a small amount needed for thorough cleaning, also it can be further diluted to your desired concentration for various purposes of use.