Re{me}dy Upcycled Cold Relief Eye pillow

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This eye pillow is made with 100% upcycled materials - Unsold rice from Langit ( & left-over fabric from VibrantStar Sdn Bhd (a fashion contract manufacturer). This pillow is designed for cold use only. 

Use Guide:- 

1. Keep in air-tight packaging - zip-loc bag, air tight container, etc

2. Keep in fridge / freezer

3. Drip 1 drop of preferred essential oil (single / blend) & leave for a 20 seconds

4. Shake it

5. Close your eyes, put the pillow on & relax.

For this current batch, the pillow content is aged Beras Salleh (White Rice) [6months old]. It has been sanitised through oven baking at 80°C.

The pillow case is made using left-over rayon fabric [not heat retardant - do not heat] from a local sports fashion brand. This is why this pillow must only be used as a cold relief pillow.

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Re{me}dy Upcycled Cold Relief Eye pillow
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