SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)

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Moisturising, Balances sebum production, Fast absorption, Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Skin Repairing

Skin Type

Oily Skin* , Dry Skin , Combination Skin* , Sensitive Skin*

[* especially designed for]


Re{me}dy's Squalane Face Oil is your skin's new best friend, delivering a confidence boost in every drop. Enriched with squalene sourced from sugar cane, this stable and non-comedogenic oil resembles your skin's natural sebum, promoting balanced oil production and a clear complexion.

Its emollient properties deeply hydrate and moisturize, while its lightweight texture ensures quick absorption, leaving no greasy residue behind. Combat problematic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and inflammatory acne with ease, thanks to its skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.


100% plant-derived Squalane Oil


Apply 2-4 drops onto your palm, rub hands together to spread the oil, then gently pat onto all areas of the face.

For daytime use, apply before makeup; for optimal results, use nightly to allow the oil to soak into the skin while you sleep.)


Keep in a cool place away from direct light

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SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)
SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)
SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)
SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)
SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)
SQUALANE⁺ Face Oil (Pure)
Words from the team

  • Pang Wong
  • Co-founder

We created SQUALANE+, a minimal face oil formulation for people with skin sensitivity, eczema & psoriasis. Less is More in this case.

Our philosophy



Better Natural Ingredients

We want to have the best products possible and this means using the best natural ingredients possible.


Backed by Science

The ingredients we use are all clinically proven and evaluated by our panel of accomplished formulators to ensure the highest purity, potency and efficacy.


Made in Small Batches

Meticulously Made in Small Batches to ensure that our products are as Fresh as possible to be BETTER for you.