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Natural Skin Care

As there isn't much regulations on chemicals used in skin care, it’s impossible to know if these chemicals are truly safe for us. So you should try to switch to a natural skin care regimen that gives you more peace of mind. Here are some of the natural skin care products that we have tried, scrutinised and highly recommend.

RM7.00 MYR

Sisal Soap Bag

From RM24.90 MYR

Re{me}dy Squalane Face Oil

From RM42.50 MYR

Mild Facial Wash

From RM115.00 MYR

Probiotic Face Serum

RM28.50 MYR


RM32.00 MYR

Rose Floral Water

From RM16.50 MYR

Castile Soap

RM32.00 MYR

Lavender Floral Water

RM40.00 MYR

Purify Face Mask

RM45.00 MYR

Toner Balance

RM140.00 MYR

Eye Serum

RM69.99 MYR RM46.00 MYR

Australia Pink Clay Mask